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  • Interconnect is being created by @bevry with the help of contributors like yourself
  • It's being lead by @balupton who's been toying with Interconnect since 2013
  • The idea originally started as a open-source sqwiggle sneek clone but has now evolved into its own product
  • @crito was the first person to develop a working prototype of Interconnect, showing that it is possible.
  • It is now developed on the rtc.io-polymer branch, making heavy use of web components
  • @ninabreznik provided valuable feedback indicating the social applications of Interconnect (such as browsing people's profiles)
  • During January and February @myplanetdigital sponsored the development of the project and provided additional resources
    • Such as Jacques Ramphal who did the amazing v1 and v2 design mockups
    • And Peter Last who provided the competive analysis for ambient telepresence solutions
  • We are now looking for further funding and more people to help implement the vision