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An iOS Library for Geo Tracking


  • Handles user authorization
  • Handles track creation
  • Handles track analyzing (for ascents, descents and other stats)
  • Custom MKMapKit control for plotting your tracks on a map
  • Example App to demonstrate capabilities

Project Status

This project is currently a work in progress.

BuddyBuild Documentation Platform CocoaPods
CocoaPods CocoaPods

Initial Roadmap

  • Carthage Support
  • CocoaPods Support
  • Continuous Integration (Buddy Build)
  • Function Documentation
  • Jazzy Docs
  • Performance Tests
  • SwiftLint Integration
  • 90% Code Coverage


Installation Instructions


pod 'GeoTrackKit', :git => 'git@github.com:intere/GeoTrackKit.git', :branch => 'master'

Example Usage

// This will either start tracking, or prompt the user for access to track their location

Location Prompt


This library also includes a map control that will map the GeoTrack: Geo Track Map


I've built a couple of variations of Geo Tracking applications, but I wanted to build a library for the community that I can share and get feedback and build a better product.

Created and maintained by

Eric Internicola

Key Classes

Key GeoTrackKit Classes


See the generated documentation in the docs folder