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AppLauncher allows running Smart TV and STB application avoiding standard installation process.

AppLauncher lets to create list of applications URLs to run. URLs are sorted according to last activities: adding or launching.

Install AppLauncher once and easily run dozens of your applications at Smart TV or STB.


Important details:

  1. You have to run web-server to provide application URL to run. AppLauncher works only with URLs, not ipk or zip files!

  2. AppLauncher could not check applications URLs before running them due to platforms limitations. Be careful while entering URL. Improper URL can cause Smart TV/STB hang-up. Reboot your Smart TV/STB in this situation.

  3. You can use remote control digital buttons to enter digits into URL instead of using screen keyboard.



AppLauncer was tested on devices marked (+). It must also work on other devices listed below, but there can be problems of various types. If you run AppLauncher on devices without (+) mark, please write mail to and inform us about both success and problems you have.

AppLauncher supports:

  • Samsung Smart TV

    • H-series (year 2014) (+)

    • F-series (year 2013) (+)

    • E-series (year 2012) (+)

  • LG webOS Smart TV (+)

  • LG NetCast Smart TV

    • 2014

    • 2013

    • 2012 (+)

    • 2011

    • 2010

  • Dune HD STB

    • SMP8670 chipset: TV-101, TV-102p, TV-201, TV-301.

    • SMP8674 chipset: TV-102 (+), TV-202, Connect.

    • SMP8672 chipset: TV-303D, Base 3D.

  • Eltex STB

    • NV-102 (+)

    • NV-300 (+)

  • Mag STB (Aura STB)

    • Mag250 (+)

    • MAG254/255

    • MAG270/275

    • AuraHD

    • AuraHD Plus

    • AuraHD Plus WiFi


    • S-400

    • S-310

    • S-300

    • S-213

Installation files

Installation files are available at releases.

Installation process

Use following instructions to install AppLauncher:



Smart TV application launcher. This project is outdated and not maintained anymore.



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