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-- This channel plays the first part of SP-initiated SAML SSO.
-- It is responsible for generating the request and redirecting the user to the IdP
-- login page. It creates the xml request, deflates it, base64-encodes it, and
-- appends it to the IdP URL
-- Tested with Azure AD SAML SSO for non-gallery applications:
-- To use, please read the accompanying guide on help documentation site
local reqgen = require('requestHelp')
local globConfigs = require('SAMLconfig')
function main(Data)
-- (1) Generate the xml request
local request = reqgen.reqCreate()
-- (2) Deflate, base64 encode, and url encode it
local Status,reqReady = pcall(reqgen.reqPrepPython,request)
-- (3) If successful in creating request
if Status == true then
-- (3a) Create the URL
local locat = globConfigs.IDP_URL..reqReady
-- (3b) Redirect user to IdP
body = reqReady,
code = 302,
headers = {Location = globConfigs.IDP_URL..'?SAMLRequest='..reqReady}}
iguana.logWarning("Could not generate SAML request!")
net.http.respond{body="Problem generating SAML request."}
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