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Installer for cjdns on Windows


License: GPLv3

Source code for cjdns is available here or from the official repository here.

The installer itself is written in Nullsoft Scriptable Install System script. It also includes a Windows service, CjdnsService, which takes care of starting up cjdns on boot and restarting it if it dies.


You must have Nullsoft Scriptable Install System installed on your Windows box in order to build the installer.

You also need to install the NSIS Simple Service Plugin and the ShellLink plugin. Make sure to put the DLLs in the ANSI folder.

To rebuild CjdnsService, you should probably use SharpDevelop.

Installation Dependencies

The installer should run just fine on Windows 7 x64. Nothing else has been tested.

The CjdnsService component requires .NET 2 or later in order to work.


The repository includes built cjdns binaries, prepared using this procedure. It basically amounts to:

SYSTEM=win32 CROSS_COMPILE=i686-w64-mingw32- ./cross-do

To build the installer, right-click on installer.nsi and hit "Compile NSIS Script".

To re-build CjdnsService, open up the solution file in SharpDevelop and hit the build button. Then replace the CjdnsService.exe in the installation directory with your new copy, and re-build the installer.

To re-build cjdns itself, produce your favorite cjdns build for Windows, and replace all the cjdns EXE files in installation with your own. Then re-build the installer.

Running cjdns

The installer will, by default, install a TAP driver, cjdns, and a Windows service that starts cjdns on boot. It will generate a configuration file at C:\Program Files (x86)\cjdns\cjdroute.conf, or wherever you installed it to, and then start cjdns.

To configure cjdns, edit that configuration file, and then issue net stop cjdns and net start cjdns as administrator (or just reboot).