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Dev Version

Live Version

get started

git clone

some of the used tools / requirements:

setup shared repo (workaround for babel export)

cd shared/maree-lettres-shared
yarn install
yarn run build

setup and run mobile app

cd react-native
yarn install
yarn start

Setup Android Emulator on OS X

  1. Install VirtualBox:
  2. Intall Genymotion:
  3. Install android-sdk: or brew install android-sdk
  4. add android to path. in ~/.bash_profile:
export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/<you>/Library/Android/sdk
export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$PATH
  1. Open Android Studio -> Configuration -> Add API level 22
  2. Point Genymotion to android-sdk: Start Genymotion. Settings->ADB, use custom SDK -> /Users/<you>/Library/Android/sdk
  3. Add a Device to genymotion, with API level 22
  4. Run exp path to make Expo use the same path
  5. Run Expo

To use it: start genymotion. Start the emulator in genymotion. Runs: yarn run android or run from Expo XDE

setup local server

cd meteor
meteor npm install
npm start

config server

set meteor server ip address in react-native/app/config/config.js

  • ws://<your local ip address>:3000/websocket to use local meteor
  • ws:// to use live-test meteor (you may skip "setup meteor")

Attention not to check these local changes into git!