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PHP Playwire Client

The PHP Playwire Client provides a fairly simple class to manage your videos in the new Playwire.


This client has no external dependencies. Just download the client library, place it in a location of your choosing, and require/include it where you'd like to use it.


Most of the API methods outlined in the documentation require authentication before they can be used.

The constructor provides two methods to start your authenticated API session: you can provide your API token (new PlaywireClient('API_TOKEN')) OR your login credentials (new PlaywireClient('user@example.com', 'secure_password')). In the latter case, the client will authenticate with those credentials to retreive the API token for each subsequent request. When instantiated without any arguments, no authentication will take place and you'll need to authenticate manually.


$playwire = new PlaywireClient();

// Authenticate Manually
$playwire->authenticate('user@example.com', 'secure_password');

// Or use your token

Once authenticated, most methods should work as expected. Each is fairly-well documented at its defintion in the class.

Fluent Interface

Where relevant, the client supports using a fluent, chainable interface. This means setup procedures can be performed in a chained manner.

$playwire = new PlaywireClient();
$videos = $playwire->authenticate('API_TOKEN')->page(3)->per(25)->videos();