A little app I created so that cat lovers could be inspired to write about their cats using speech synthesis api and be inspired by the app's cat image fader slideshow. There is also music if one wants to listen while writing. The user's text is saved to session storage. And if he/she does reach the 5mb limit, he/she can save it to a .txt file a…
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The Cat Whisperer

This is a project in which I merge together my Cat Whisperer project, Speech Synthesis, audio, and a cool image fader animation effect I'm applying to my images of my (late cat) Percy.

Refactoring The App

January 8, 2019: A lot has happened in terms of JS workflows since I created this app. Since I want to potentially develop this app further, as well as display it in my portfolio, I knew I had to update the code here. That especially means updating the workflow!

So I have applied an adaptation of my latest React workflow using Webpack 4 and Babel 7 to this application. A whole new set of tools for automation!

I also replaced local storage with session storage. You can learn more about why on my Portfolio Site: CatWhisperer App on my Portfolio Site

I also wrote a quick piece on my experience refactoring this app (yesterday) that is available for your reading pleasure on my Developer Blog. To read the post, please visit Refactoring your JS workflow when your images are in your CSS only on my Developer Blog.