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A trust-minimized bridge from Bitcoin to Anywhere.
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This repository is hosted on GitHub: with a mirror on GitLab and radicle.

Table of Contents

About the Project

The interBTC runtime allows the creation of interBTC, a fungible token that represents Bitcoin on the Interlay network. Interlay in turn is connected to other blockchains via XCM and will be connected to even more blockchains via IBC. Each interBTC is backed by Bitcoin 1:1 and allows redeeming of the equivalent amount of Bitcoins by relying on a collateralized third-party.

The project uses the concept of Cryptocurrency-backed Assets to lock Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain and issue BTC-backed tokens on the Interlay network. The implementation is based on the interBTC specification.

Built with

The interBTC project is built with:

Development Progress

The Substrate runtime makes use of various custom pallets that are found in the crates folder.

  • annuity: Block rewards for stake-to-vote and vaults.
  • bitcoin: Library for Bitcoin type, parsing and verification functions.
  • btc-relay: Stateful SPV client for Bitcoin. Stores Bitcoin main chain, tracks forks, verifies Merkle proofs and validates specific transaction formats.
  • currency Handles currencies used as backing collateral (e.g. DOT/KSM) and issued tokens (e.g. interBTC).
  • democracy: Optimistic governance fork of pallet-democracy.
  • escrow: Rust implementation of Curve's Voting Escrow contract.
  • fee: Participant reward calculation and distribution.
  • issue: Handles issuing of interBTC for BTC on Bitcoin.
  • nomination: Interface for vault nomination.
  • oracle: Trusted providers use this to set exchange rates and Bitcoin fee estimates.
  • redeem: Handles redeeming of interBTC for BTC on Bitcoin.
  • replace: Handles replacing vaults.
  • reward: Scalable reward distribution.
  • security: Handles status and error changes.
  • staking: Core logic for vault nomination and slashing.
  • supply: Token minting and inflation.
  • vault-registry: Handles registration, collateral and liquidation of vaults.

Getting started


curl -sSf | sh

Please also install the following dependencies:

  • cmake
  • clang (>=10.0.0)
  • clang-dev
  • libc6-dev
  • libssl-dev


Building requires a specific rust toolchain and nightly compiler version. The requirements are specified in the ./rust-toolchain.toml override file.

Running rustup show from the root directory of this repo should be enough to set up the toolchain and you can inspect the output to verify that it matches the version specified in the override file.

To build, run:

cargo build

For more detailed development instructions see here.


cargo test --features runtime-benchmarks

To run with coverage, using cargo-cov:

cargo install cargo-cov

# clean up previous coverage result
cargo cov clean

# test the code
cargo cov test

# open the coverage report
cargo cov report --open

Running - Standalone

To run a local development node, use the dev chain spec.

cargo run --release --bin interbtc-standalone -- --dev

Clear the database using the purge-chain command.

cargo run --release --bin interbtc-standalone -- purge-chain --dev

Additional CLI usage options are available and may be shown by running cargo run --bin interbtc-standalone -- --help.

Running - Parachain

To run a local development node, use the dev chain spec.

cargo run --release --bin interbtc-parachain -- --dev

To connect with a local relay-chain follow these instructions.

Test Coverage

Test coverage reports available under docs/testcoverage.html

Substrate Chain Configuration

The Substrate runtime configuration is in the parachain folder.

Javascript / Typescript

When interacting via polkadot{.js} you will need to use our custom types. Please also checkout interbtc-js for a more complete (strongly-typed) library.


If you would like to contribute, please file an issue on GitHub or reach out to us.


interBTC is currently licensed under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0). See LICENSE



Twitter: @interlayHQ



This project is supported by a Web3 Foundation grant.

We would also like to thank the following teams for their continuous support: