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Interledger implementation in Rust
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Interledger implementation in Rust 💸 Documentation CircleCI Rust Version Docker Image


Installation and Usage



  • Docker


  1. docker pull interledgerrs/node


  1. docker run -it interledgerrs/node (append help node to see the available options)

Building From Source


  • Git
  • Rust - latest stable version


  1. git clone && cd interledger-rs
  2. cargo build (add --release to compile the release version, which is slower to compile but faster to run)


cargo run -- node

Append the --help flag to see available options.

Configuration commands such as node and ethereum-ledger accept configuration options in the following ways:

  1. Environment variables
  2. Standard In (stdin)
  3. Configuration files
  4. Command line arguments

The priority is: Environment Variables > stdin > configuration files > command line arguments.

# 1.
# Passing by command line arguments.
# --{parameter name} {value}
cargo run -- node --ilp_address example.alice

# 2.
# Passing by a configuration file in JSON, TOML, YAML format.
# The first argument after subcommands such as `node` is the path to the configuration file.
# Note that in order for a docker image to have access to a local file, it must be included in
# a directory that is mounted as a Volume at `/config`
cargo run -- node config.yml

# 3.
# Passing from STDIN in JSON, TOML, YAML format.
some_command | cargo run -- node

# 4.
# passing as environment variables
# {parameter name (typically in capital)}={value}
# note that the parameter names MUST begin with a prefix of "ILP_" e.g. ILP_SECRET_SEED
ILP_ADDRESS=example.alice \
cargo run -- node


See the examples for demos of Interledger functionality and how to use the implementation.


Contributions are very welcome and if you're interested in getting involved, see We're more than happy to answer questions and mentor you in making your first contributions to!

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