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Here you can find various demos of' functionality:

  1. Simple Two-Node Payment
  2. Two-Node Payment with Ethereum On-Ledger Settlement
  3. Two-Node Payment with XRP On-Ledger Settlement
  4. Three-Node Payment with Ethereum and XRP On-Ledger Settlement
  5. Integrating Interledger Into Your App (Coming Soon!)

Have questions? Feel free to open an issue or ask a question on the forum!

Running the Examples

The README of each example provides step-by-step instructions on how to run the example.

If you want to run all of the steps automatically, you can use the provided script to parse and execute the shell commands from the Markdown file:

# Under the example directory, for example, "simple"
$ ../../scripts/

# It also accepts STDIN:
$ (some command) | ../../scripts/

You could also run the examples using Docker. Try specifying USE_DOCKER=1 as follows.

USE_DOCKER=1 ../../scripts/

If you need to perform docker commands with the root privileges, you can USE_SUDO=1 as well.

USE_DOCKER=1 USE_SUDO=1 ../../scripts/
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