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- [ Architecture](./docs/
- [Interledger Forum]( for general questions about the Interledger Protocol and Project

## Installation
## Installation and Usage

### Docker

- Docker


1. `docker pull interledgerrs/node`


1. `docker run -it interledgerrs/node` (append `help node` to see the available options)

### Building From Source

- Git
- [Rust]( - latest stable version

Install and Run:

1. `git clone && cd interledger-rs`
2. `cargo build` (add `--release` to compile the release version, which is slower to compile but faster to run)
2. `cargo run` (append command line options after a `--` to use the CLI)

## Operating Manuals

`cargo run -- node`

Append the `--help` flag to see available options.

### Configuration commands such as `node` and `ethereum-ledger` accept configuration options in the following ways:

1. Environment variables
1. Standard In (stdin)
1. Configuration files
1. Command line arguments

The priority is: Environment Variables > stdin > configuration files > command line arguments.

```bash #
# 1.
# Passing by command line arguments.
# --{parameter name} {value}
cargo run -- node --ilp_address example.alice
# 2.
# Passing by a configuration file in JSON, TOML, YAML format.
# The first argument after subcommands such as `node` is the path to the configuration file.
# Note that in order for a docker image to have access to a local file, it must be included in
# a directory that is mounted as a Volume at `/config`
cargo run -- node config.yml
# 3.
# Passing from STDIN in JSON, TOML, YAML format.
some_command | cargo run -- node
See the [ Operating Manuals](./docs/
# 4.
# passing as environment variables
# {parameter name (typically in capital)}={value}
# note that the parameter names MUST begin with a prefix of "ILP_" e.g. ILP_SECRET_SEED
ILP_ADDRESS=example.alice \
cargo run -- node

## Running the Examples
## Examples

See the [examples](./examples/ for demos of Interledger functionality and how to use the implementation.

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