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A Java implementation of an Interledger Connector supporting ILPv4.

Java Connector

This site contains documentation for the Java implementation of an Interledger Router.

Github project source code:
Docs source code:
Documentation Website:


This implementation is a high-performance Interledger Connector that supports many incoming and outgoing connections that are tied together by an ILPv4 packet-switching fabric.

This implementation supports the following features:

  • ILPv4: Interledger Protocol version for as defined in IL-RFC-27.
  • ILDCP: Interledger Dynamic Configuration Protocol as specified in IL-RFC-31.
  • ILP-over-HTTP: Allows for sending and receiving ILPv4 packets over HTTP as defined in IL-RFC-30.
  • Route Broadcast Protocol: Defines how Connectors can exchange routing table updates as defined in Route Broadcast Protocol.
  • Balance Tracking: Durably tracks account balance updates in a high-performance manner using Redis.
  • Persistent Data Storage: Account and other data can be stored using Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, and more.

To learn more about how this implementation is designed, see Connector Design.

To contribute to this project read more in Connector Development.


WARNING: This implementation is currently an "alpha" prototype and SHOULD NOT be used in a production deployment!

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