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ILP Plugin-Ethereum

An ILP Ledger Plugin for sending Ether

Note: This plugin is not currently production ready

How It Works

The contract in contracts/ledger.sol is a (prototype) implementation of hashlocked transfers on Ethereum. It takes payments with a hash and will forward the funds to a destination when fulfillCondition is called with the matching preimage. It also has an expiry timestamp, which will release funds back to the sender if the block timestamp is higher. This contract has not been security reviewed, and might have errors in the implementation.

The plugin itself uses the web3 library to connect to a local provider. It takes the address of the contract to listen for events on and send transfers to. A sender and receiver must have their plugins configured with the same contract address.

Planned Features

  • Messaging
  • Security review contract
  • Clean up error handling
  • Use a more reliable time than block timestamp


To test the plugin, first download this repository and run npm install. To instantiate a plugin, the following fields are needed:

  "provider": "http://localhost:8000", // URL of your web3 provider
  "address":  "0x20f5beb5c3858433633f53f8e08c5da19d17516e", // address of the account for this plugin (must be unlocked)
  "contract": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000" // should actually be the deployed contract address

The ILP address of the plugin above will be: