Server for Asymmetric XRP Paychan
Latest commit 9790aaf Oct 19, 2018

ILP Plugin XRP Asym Server

ILP Plugin XRP Asym Server allows you to accept payment channel connections from many users without adding them as peers. If you're running a connector, this is a great way to get sub-connectors and provide ILP connection to users without asking them to trust you with their money.

Details of how the connection is established are described in this plugin's client, ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-client

This plugin is based off of ilp-plugin-mini-accounts, with XRP payment channel functionality on top.

const serverPlugin = new IlpPluginXrpAsymServer({
  // Port on which to listen
  port: 6666,

  // XRP credentials of the server 
  address: 'rKzfaLjeVZXasCSU2heTUGw9VhQmFNSd8k',
  secret: 'snHNnoL6S67wNvydcZg9y9bFzPZwG',

  // Rippled server for the server to use
  xrpServer: 'wss://',

  // Max amount to be unsecured at any one time
  maxBalance: 1000000,

  // Maximum packet amount to allow (returns F08 if exceeded)
  maxPacketAmount: 1000,

  // Persistent Key-value store. ILP-Connector will pass
  // this parameter in automatically.
  _store: new Store()