Using Interledger, support content creators
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Support content creators with ILP

Quick Start

Before you use this module, install and run Moneyd. Make sure you start moneyd with the --unsafe-allow-extensions flag, which will permit this chrome extension to access the local port.

git clone
cd minute
npm install
npm run build

Now go to chrome://extensions, select "Load unpacked extension", and nagivate to the folder where you cloned this repository.

Enable your Site

Add the following tag to your site's body:

  if (window.monetize) {
      receiver: /* Put your SPSP payment pointer here */
    }).then(() => {
      // Make sure to thank the user!

Now any user who navigates to your site and has Minute (or another extension that enables Web Monetization) enabled will stream payments to you. Thanking your supporters and offering them a premium experience will incentivise them to come back.