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Polyfill for web monetization that requires no extension
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Web Monetization Polyfill

Use web monetization without a browser extension


You can include the polyfill with the following script tag:

<script src=""></script>

If you want to use Web Monetization in your webpage, most users will have an easier time using the pre-written web monetization scripts, intended for common use cases. The Web Monetization API should only be used directly if you need to write advanced functionality or are familiar with the Interledger stack.


The exact specification of these methods can be found in the Web Monetization RFC. This README just describes how the polyfill implements these functions.

Register Web Monetization Handler

Associates a 'handlerUri' as this browser's web monetization handler so that they can send and receive Interledger packets on behalf of the user. Unless you're a Web Monetization provider like Coil you don't need to use this function. If you want to implement a handler, the API can be found in the Web Monetization RFC.

window.WebMonetization.register({ name: string, handlerUri: string })
  • A page pulls in the polyfill script.
  • The page calls window.WebMonetization.register with the url of their web monetization handler.
  • A popup is created, asking the user to confirm their web monetization handler
  • The user confirms and the popup is dismissed

Monetize a Web Page

Creates an Interledger/STREAM connection that allows the webpage to send money over Interledger.

async window.WebMonetization.monetize({
  destinationAccount: string,
  sharedSecret: string
  • A page pulls in the polyfill script.
  • When monetize is called, the polyfill pulls in the STREAM library.
  • The polyfill creates an iframe for
  • The polyfill's iframe pulls in an iframe to the user's handlerUri.
  • The polyfill calls createIlpConnection with the ILP address and shared secret to use.
  • The polyfill creates an IlpPluginIframe pointing to the polyfill's iframe
  • The polyfill instantiates an IlpStream connection with the address, shared secret, and plugin
  • Ilp packets are passed via IlpPluginIframe to the polyfill's iframe, then passed to the user's handler handler iframe so they can be sent over the Interledger network.
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