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#InterMine Content Delivery Network

This repository hosts web libraries used in the InterMine ecosystem.

##Host your own

The main repo is hosted by GitHub, but sometimes it goes down. Before that happens, we encourage you to host your own copy. Your apps will potentially work faster, depending on your location, and you will be fully in control.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make a fork of the following repo:
  2. Serve the repo using a static web server, such as Apache or nginx. Point your InterMine web-application at your local CDN installation by editing the file on the line where it says head.cdn.location:
head.cdn.location =

Making Use of Concatenation

If you want you can make use of the CGI script in the cgi directory to optimise requrests to the CDN. Doing so requires a web-server which supports CGI scripts. This is simple enough for Apache, for which a suitable configuration stanza is presented below:

Alias /cdn /path/to/clone/of/CDN
<Directory /path/to/clone/of/CDN>
	Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    Require all granted
    AllowOverride FileInfo Options=ExecCGI

This is also possible with nginx with a bit more work and research.

When this feature is enabled requests can be made of the form which will return the two JavaScript files concatenated together. These requests will be served with long expiries, which can be disabled by supplying the dev parameter. The InterMine web-app will automatically produce these optimised requests if the following configuration parameter is provided:

head.cdn.cgi-enabled = true