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BlueGenes MSA Viewer

BlueGenes MSA Viewer is a tool made for BlueGenes following BlueGenes Tool API. It can help users (biologists) to view Multiple Sequence Alignment of Proteins. It can also be used as standalone tool to integrate in any web application.

Before deploying to BlueGenes (or anywhere)

  1. Make sure to deploy an instance of sequence-alignment service
  2. Then update the base url in this tool to the deployed url in src/sequence-align-service.js
  3. Build the tool using npm run build
  4. Deploy where ever you want! :D

To set up locally for development

  1. Clone the repo
  2. cd bluegenes-msa-viewer and then npm install to install dependencies.

All of the editable source files for css and js are in src. To bundle for prod, run the following commands:


Assuming less is installed globally:

npm run less


Assuming webpack is installed globally:

Single build:
npm run build
Applied Coding practices / ESLint Rules:
  • indent: use tab (2 space tab) instead of spaces to not get an error.
  • linebreak-style: use \n for a newline, if you're on windows, configure it in your editor settings.
  • quotes: use single quote instead of double quote.
  • semi: use semi colon at end of each statement / expression / function definition.
  • comma-dangle: do not use dangling commas i.e. extra comma at the end of object values, function args, etc.). More about this here.
  • More pre-configured rules from eslint:recommended you must follow to not get errors here.

Run each of these commands in separate terminals:

To rebuild your js every time you save:

npm run dev

To serve your page at http://localhost:3456:

npm run server
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