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InterMine Web-Services Communication Client Library


// Find and print all the exons associated with eve in D. melanogaster

// If running in node.js, the following line will be necessary:
var intermine = require('imjs');

var flymine   = new intermine.Service({root: ''});
var query     = {
  from: 'Gene',
  select: [
  where: {
    symbol: 'eve',
    organism: {lookup: 'D. melanogaster'}}

flymine.rows(query).then(function(rows) {
  console.log("No. of exons: " + rows.length);
  rows.forEach(function printRow(row) {
    console.log("[" + row[0] + "] " + row[1] + ":" + row[2] + ".." + row[3]);


This library abstracts the functionality of InterMine's web service layer. It is meant for those wishing to build in communication layers to intermine servers, build graphical widgets on top of the webservice APIs, or perform client side scripting.

The purpose of this library is to expose a uniform interface to the web-service API for both node.js and browser based programming, wrapping some of the minor unpleasantness of dealing with raw HTTP requests, as well as the more major issue of dealing with the path-query format, which is complex.


  • Data Queries

    Users may make arbitrarily complex queries against an intermine data-warehouse. See the Query class for more information.

  • List Management

    Users may authenticate to their accounts (through the use of web-service tokens) and then have full freedom to create, edit and delete lists they have access to. See the List class for more information.

  • Analysis

    Users may perform enrichment analysis over lists they have access to. See Service#enrichment and List#enrichment for more information.

  • Data Model Introspection

    The structure of the data available in the data model is available for instropection through the Model class. This is particularly useful for constructing dynamic data-driven interfaces.


For API documentation see For general usage documentation and information about InterMine, see

Developing IMJS

To build the project see and to release a new version, see


All intermine code is free software released under the LGPL licence You are free to modify and redistribute this software.

The copyright is held by Alex Kalderimis


For help with this library, or the use of intermine in general, please contact

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