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The InterMine Python Webservice Client

Build Status

An implementation of a webservice client for InterMine webservices, written in Python

Who should use this software?

This software is intended for people who make use of InterMine datawarehouses (ie. Biologists) and who want a quicker, more automated way to perform queries. Some examples of sites that are powered by InterMine software, and thus offer a compatible webservice API, are:

  • FlyMine
  • HumanMine
  • MouseMine
  • RatMine
  • YeastMine
  • ZebrafishMine

Queries here refer to database queries over the integrated datawarehouse. Instead of using SQL, InterMine services use a flexible and powerful sub-set of database query language to enable wide-ranging and arbitrary queries.


The easiest way to install is to use easy_install:

sudo easy_install intermine

The source code can be downloaded from a variety of places:

Running the Tests:

If you would like to run the test suite, you can do so by executing the following command: (from the source directory)

python test


Once downloaded, you can install the module with the command (from the source directory):

python install

Further documentation:

Extensive documentation is available by using the "pydoc" command, eg:

pydoc intermine.query.Query

Also see:


All code in this project is dual licensed under the LGPL version 3 license and the BSD 2-clause license


0.98.13: Added query column summary support
0.98.14: Added status property to list objects
0.98.15: Added lazy-reference fetching for result objects, and list-tagging support
0.98.16: Fixed bug with XML parsing and subclasses where the subclass is mentioned in the first view.
        better result format documentation and tests
        added len() to results iterators
        added ability to parse xml from the service object (see new_query())
        improved - now accepts plain class names which work equally well for results and lists
        Allowed lists to be generated from queries with unambiguous selected classes.
        Fixed questionable constraint parsing bug which lead to failed template parsing
0.99.00  Fixed bug with subclasses not being included in clones 
        Added support for new json format for ws versions >= 8.
0.99.01  Better representation of multiple sort-orders.
0.99.02  Allow sort-orders which are not in the view but are on selected classes
0.99.03  Allow query construction from Columns with "where" and "filter"
        Allow list and query objects as the value in an add_constraint call with "IN" and "NOT IN" operators.
        Ensure lists and queries share the same overloading
0.99.04  Merged 'list.to_query and 'list.to_attribute_query' in response to the changes in list upload behaviour.
0.99.05  Allow template parameters of the form 'A = "zen"', where only the value is being replaced.
0.99.06  Fixed bug whereby constraint codes in xml were being ignored when queries were deserialised.
0.99.07  Wed Jan 18 14:42:41 GMT 2012
        Fixed bugs with lazy reference fetching handling empty collections and null references.
0.99.08  Added simpler constraint definition with kwargs.
1.00.00  Added widget enrichment requests.
1.01.00  Added widget listing requests.
1.05.00  Allowed constraints to be added on root paths implicitly, eg:
            q.where('LOOKUP', 'eve') or q.where('IN', 'My List')
1.07.00  Provide ListManagers as context managers, where users need to create
        temporary lists and clean up after themselves.
        Added ID resolution.
1.09.06  Dual license under BSD as well as LGPL