Intermodal: RESTful API kit for Rails 4.2+
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Intermodal 0.4.0

=== Summary ===

Intermodal lets you quickly put together a pure, JSON/XML-only RESTful web service.

=== Features ===

 - Declarative DSL for top-level, nested, and linked CRUD resource endpoints, producing dynamically generated resource controllers
 - Override resource controller behavior
 - Declarative DSL for Presenters (remap ORM to JSON/XML)
 - Declarative DSL for Acceptors (remap and filter incoming data)
 - Authentication mechanism using HTTP X- headers (similar to Rackspace Cloud API)
 - API versioning

=== Requirements ==

Rails 4.2.x

Anything below that is no longer supported.

=== TODO ===

 - Fix known bug with class reloading in development mode
 - Not everything is packaged well
 - Should include standardized paging
 - Cross-account authorization
 - Reorganize controller concerns
 - Quick-Start and HOWTO guides