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Internal Developer Platform

This repository holds the source code for the public community page Internal Developer Platform. We welcome public contributions. Please make sure to follow the instructions below to contribute. You can reach out to us via email in case of any questions.

How to contribute

We are using Hugo to generate a static site from the md-files in this repository. In order to contribute, clone this repository and make your changes. Make sure to test your changes locally (see next section) before submitting a pull request. Once you are happy with your contribution, submit a pull request against the main branch (or the staging branch if your changes are more experimental).

Test the site locally

Make sure that you have Hugo installed. If not then please follow the instructions here. Check out the repository and make sure that you also check out the required submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Then run the following command in the ROOT of the repository:

hugo serve --environment staging


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