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An ArangoDB management tool
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An ArangoDB management tool.

npm version license

A command line tool to ease development and administration.


Doesn't ArangoDB already have dump and restore commands for handling this?

Arangler's sync command can dump and restore in one step (even to remote databases). sync can also target a different database on the same server. It runs a hashing function on the collections in both databases and only modifies the data that is different, saving tons of bandwidth and time.

Special thanks to Arthur Andrew Medical for sponsoring this project.

Arthur Andrew Medical manufactures products with ingredients that have extensive clinical research for safety and efficacy. We specialize in Enzymes, Probiotics and Antioxidants.


Requires nodejs v8+

npm install -g @internalfx/arangler


Synchronize two ArangoDB databases.

arangler sync Synchronizes collections, indexes and data from the source database to the target database. The target database is modified to match the source.

Arangler Sync

Sync two ArangoDB databases.

  arangler sync [options]
  arangler sync --sh host[:port] --th host[:port] --sd dbName --td dbName
  arangler sync -h | --help

  --sh, --sourceHost=<host[:port]>        Source host, defaults to 'localhost:8529'
  --th, --targetHost=<host[:port]>        Target host, defaults to 'localhost:8529'
  --sd, --sourceDB=<dbName>               Source database
  --td, --targetDB=<dbName>               Target database

  --pc, --pickCollections=<coll1,coll2>   Comma separated list of collections to sync (whitelist)
  --oc, --omitCollections=<coll1,coll2>   Comma separated list of collections to ignore (blacklist)
                                          Note: '--pc' and '--oc' are mutually exclusive options.

  --user                                  Source and Target username
  --password                              Source and Target password

  --su                                    Source username, overrides --user
  --sp                                    Source password, overrides --password

  --tu                                    Target username, overrides --user
  --tp                                    Target password, overrides --password
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