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Quickshot 2.0

A (nearly) full rewrite from Iced Coffee Script to ES2015 JavaScript. Runs on node.js v6+.

The changes consist of mostly cleanup and cruft removal. Adding new features has not been the primary goal.

However, there are a few:

  • Allow configurable concurrency level (number of concurrent API requests)
  • Show timestamps on all log output


npm install -g quickshot

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/internalfx/quickshot license npm version

A Shopify theme development tool.



  • Supports uploading to multiple Shopify stores and themes
  • Easy to use configuration wizard
  • Uploads/downloads in parallel greatly reducing transfer times
  • Supports autocompiling scss locally before uploading to Shopify
  • Supports autocompiling Babel/ES6 into modules which are easily used by Requirejs and others
  • Can use with .gitignore files or a custom .quickshotignore file.
  • Can download/upload Shopify Blogs, Pages and Products! Easily transfer them between stores! Even the metafields! And edit them locally in your favorite editor.

Read the Docs! (https://quickshot.readme.io/)