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Welcome to the MC IE

The International Entrepreneurs Online Course - Open Source

This is a mirror of the Online Course located @

Hello and Welcome to the MCIE Online Course Repo.!

It's finally 2018.

Here are the three main things we get our MCIE community off the ground.

  1. Format Change:
  • Daily Q & A
    • via WhatsApp - we'll message each of you privately, as we want to reduce spam and a tornodo of messages on everyone's phones.
      • existing members who do not wish to get every response and every message can safely leave the current WhatsApp Chatroom Group.
      • we will be moving the community chats & discussion onto our Facebook Group
    • Updates will be mirrored on GitHub and our Online Course website which will be the core destination
      • we'll not be using Slack until we need it
  • & other activities;
  • ie. interviews, events, etc.
  1. MCIE is now an Open Source Project.
  • MCIE is on GitHub now. (if you don't know what it is, don't worry about it. It does not affect the running and day to day operation of our community. This is for developers and those intersted in infrastructure and redundacy.)
    • You are looking at the repo right now.
  • Feel free to fork and contribute.
    • Any one interested can contribute to our project.
  1. We need help.
  • Help us get organized, & be organized.
    • Message either Daniel Lim or Daniel Ude, with any Ideas, Suggestions and feedback.
  • If you are able and willing to help, let us know.
    • Just do it!