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roundcube plugin for change password and set vacation message in qmailadmin cgi-module for qmail administration.
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Qmailadmin plugin for Roundcube August 28, 2011 by davidc - February, 1st, 2016 by internero -

This is a plugin that adds tabs to the Roundcube settings page, allowing the user to set their vacation message or change their password. Behind the scenes, it logs in to qmailadmin as that user to make the changes. Both vacation and password tabs can be individually disabled.

Note: This screen-scrapes your qmailadmin installation, so currently only works if qmailadmin is in English. Installation

Extract the zip file into the plugins directory of your Roundcube installation. Under plugins, you should have a directory "qmailadmin", containing "qmailadmin.php" and the other files.

Edit the file, making sure to change the path to your own qmailadmin installation. The configuration options are documented within this file.

You will then find 'Vacation Message' and 'Change Password' tabs on the user settings page.

Vacation Message Change Password How it works

Rather than try to modify qmail files or call vpasswd directly, it uses qmailadmin which is already setuid.

It logs in to qmailadmin using the current user's credentials (stored encrypted in their session), retrieves the current settings, modifies them, and saves them again. As qmailadmin has no useful API, it does this by screenscraping the HTML form and pulling out all the INPUT/TEXTAREA elements.

After changing the password, it stores the new password on the user's session, so they don't have to log back in to continue reading their e-mail.

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