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The radio4000 project is moved to a new dedicated organisation for the future version.

In this organisation remains for now:

  • radio4000 ember/firebase content (until migration complete, then archived and shutdown to @r4)
  • other i4k projects hosted on github

Otherwise repositories are generally on gitlab


  1. radio4000 radio4000 Public

    public media library system, calm, non-intrusive

    JavaScript 44 18

  2. radio4000-player radio4000-player Public

    Media player web component for playing Radio4000 channels and lists of video and media links (youtube, soundcloud, vimeo, <audio/>)

    Vue 11 4

  3. radio4000-firebase-rules radio4000-firebase-rules Public

    Rules for radio4000's Firebase database

  4. media-now media-now Public

    Get media information from YouTube and Vimeo videos, Spotify tracks and Discogs releases.

    JavaScript 16 5

  5. find find Public

    URL & local first client side actions for the browser omnibox

    JavaScript 34 3


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