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Media Now

Get media information from YouTube and Vimeo videos, Spotify tracks and Discogs releases.

Media Now is an API that proxies and unifies different providers. Creating new providers is straight forward (example).

The Burning of the Library at Alexandria in 391 AD. Ambrose Dudley


Here is a hopefully self-explanatory list of endpoints. Try them!

  • /youtube/YyI52_FEYgY
  • /vimeo/121814744
  • /discogs/1728315
  • /spotify/3S2R0EVwBSAVMd5UMgKTL0
  • /analyse/3S2R0EVwBSAVMd5UMgKTL0
  • /spotify-search/Michael%20Jackson%20-%20Thriller

The data returned will (mostly) be formatted like so:

	"provider": "youtube",
	"id": "YyI52_FEYgY",
	"url": "",
	"title": "I Due Nemici",
	"thumbnail": "",
	"duration": 6300 // seconds,
	"status" {} // privacy info, is it embeddable etc.


You'll need node.js and yarn (or npm) installed.

  • git clone this repo and cd into it
  • yarn install
  • yarn start

Some requests require authentication. Copy the .env-example file to .env and replace the keys with your own. You can register (free) here:


This used to be deployed to, but it no longer is. Deploying to Heroku works.

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