Internet Archive Decentralized Web Common API
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Welcome to the Internet Archive's Decentralized Web (Dweb) libraries.

This is a catch-all repository for the Dweb project.

It has some legacy material, examples and partially started projects.

  • gun: Our modified gun client that hijacks queries for .../arc/
  • Webtorrent super peer/tracker combo
    • seeder: Super peer for webtorrent, that knows how to look up btih on IA
    • tracker: Super tracker for webtorrent, always adds the seeder super peer to results.
    • seeder-config.json ties the seeder & tracker together
  • register.js - for registering names in the dweb-objects/Domain system
  • URL-forwards - documentation on where in the Dweb project urls are forwarded
  • test: Test code for the seeder/tracker combo

The bulk of the code is now in their own repos...

See Dweb document index for a list of the repos that make up the Internet Archive's Dweb project, and an index of other documents.