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Website for the Decentralized Web Summit 2016.
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Decentralized Web Summit Website

This is a "static" site, meaning there is no backend (eg python, php, node).

While this might sacrifice some convenience, it means that this website can be made decentralized and served through p2p channels.

At the moment this site is hosted on NeoCities and also available through IPFS.




This site is developed using the Wintersmith static site buliding tool.

Originally there was no build step, but as there became the need for more pages, there was also a need to be easily maintainable. AngularJS was considered as a solution to avoid a build step, but it would have shifted the burden to the client, and made all page loads heavier and slower. Using a static site generator allows for easy maintenance while keeping the site "static", which means it is still compatible with the distributed web.

How to use the code

Building the site

First time only

npm install -g wintersmith@2.3.1
npm install

Build the site

npm run build

Open preview in browser

npm run serve
# open your browser to http://localhost:8080
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