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WARC (Web ARChive)

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WARC File Format

The WARC file format is a successor to the ARC format. (The ARC format has been used for many years to store the Internet Archive's web captures.) Small example ARC and WARC (v0.17) files from a shallow (~2 hops) Heritrix crawl of the website are attached to this wiki page. It is easy to create larger, more representative ARC and WARC files using any recent release of Heritrix.

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Compared to ARC, note that WARC adds:

  1. an expandable amount of header info per record
  2. optional new record types for data/metadata other than just HTTP responses (which was all that ARC recorded)

ISO Standard

In May of 2009, a proposed WARC standard was approved as ISO standard ISO 28500:2009, and the latest versions of Heritrix output WARC files which conform to this standard as described at (latest draft as of November 2008).


IAH-20080430204825-00000-blackbook.arc.gz (application/gzip)
IAH-20080430204825-00000-blackbook.warc.gz (application/gzip)


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