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Error Codes

The application writes the errors with following codes when something fails when trying to fetch the given URL.

1X - Bad Input

E10 - Invalid URL

The given URL is invalid. For example:

2X - DNS errors

E20 - Invalid Domain

The URL has non existant domain.

E21 - DNS Timeout

The hostname couldn't be resolved within :ref:`config_dns_timeout` seconds.

3X - Connection Errors

E30 - Connection Refused

Connection refused by the server.

E31 - Connect Timeout

Connection couldn't be established within :ref:`config_connect_timeout` seconds.

E32 - Initial Data Timeout

Initial data (HTTP headers) couldn't be obtained within :ref:`config_initial_data_timeout` seconds.

E33 - Read Timeout

When reading data from the remote server, no data was received for :ref:`config_read_timeout` seconds.

E34 - Connection Dropped

The remote server dropped the connection before all the data was received.

E39 - Unexpected Connection Error

Unexpected connection error when receiving data from the remote server.

4X - Resource Limits

E40 - Response Too Big

The response length is bigger than :ref:`config_max_response_size` bytes.

E41 - Request Took Too Long

The request was not completed within :ref:`config_max_request_time` seconds.

In all these cases, the application responds back with status 200 OK with a record contain status 302 Bad Gateway.