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IA Wishlist Bot


The IA Wishlist Bot allows users to add books to the Open Library Database where all books are part of a set of books which are added to the Open Library Database.

General Scripts

  1. fetch_bookcovers.py - Python Script to fetch bookcovers given ISBN Value either from Amazon, Google API or Betterworld Books.
  2. wishlist_isbn_data.py - Python Script to interface with a SQLite Database.

Data dependent Scripts

  1. get_wishlist_works_via_isbn.py - Python Script to find Open Library Synonymns and works which aren't added to Open Library and outputs list of ISBNs which aren't added to Open Library.
  2. add_wishlist_works.py - Python Script which inputs a list of ISBNs and outputs details of books to be added.
  3. add_works_via_wishist.py - Python Script to add works to Open Library from the Metadata collected from the Wishlist using the Open Library Client.

Steps followed:

Step 1:

  • Use the file, import_wishlist_final.py with the file, ia-data/wishlist_works_may_2018.csv to generate a file called new_wishlist_july.csv.

Step 2:

  • Using the file new_wishlist_july.csv run it on the OpenJournal Server (contact Open Library Administrator for access), to add books to Open Library.

Fetching Bookcovers

Bookcovers can be taken using the following methods:

  1. Google Books API - Allows the Open Library Bot to fetch a Bookcover via the Google Books API. Currently being tested with the Google API.
  2. BetterWorld Books - Bookcovers are fetched from the BetterWorld Books website using Web Scraping.
  3. Amazon - Bookcovers are directly fetched from the Amazon website using the bs4 Python Package to do web scraping.