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"""Controller for home page.
import random
import web
import simplejson
import logging
from infogami.utils import delegate
from infogami.utils.view import render_template, public
from infogami.infobase.client import storify
from infogami import config
from openlibrary import accounts
from openlibrary.core import admin, cache, ia, inlibrary, lending, \
helpers as h
from openlibrary.utils import dateutil
from openlibrary.plugins.upstream import borrow
from openlibrary.plugins.upstream.utils import get_blog_feeds
from openlibrary.plugins.worksearch import search, subjects
from openlibrary.plugins.openlibrary import lists
logger = logging.getLogger("openlibrary.home")
'preset:thrillers': '(creator:"Clancy, Tom" OR creator:"King, Stephen" OR creator:"Clive Cussler" OR creator:("Cussler, Clive") OR creator:("Dean Koontz") OR creator:("Koontz, Dean") OR creator:("Higgins, Jack")) AND !publisher:"Pleasantville, N.Y. : Reader\'s Digest Association" AND languageSorter:"English"',
'preset:children': '(creator:("parish, Peggy") OR creator:("avi") OR title:("goosebumps") OR creator:("Dahl, Roald") OR creator:("ahlberg, allan") OR creator:("Seuss, Dr") OR creator:("Carle, Eric") OR creator:("Pilkey, Dav"))',
'preset:comics': '(subject:"comics" OR creator:("Gary Larson") OR creator:("Larson, Gary") OR creator:("Charles M Schulz") OR creator:("Schulz, Charles M") OR creator:("Jim Davis") OR creator:("Davis, Jim") OR creator:("Bill Watterson") OR creator:("Watterson, Bill") OR creator:("Lee, Stan"))',
'preset:authorsalliance_mitpress': '(openlibrary_subject:(authorsalliance) OR collection:(mitpress) OR publisher:(MIT Press) OR openlibrary_subject:(mitpress)) AND (!loans__status__status:UNAVAILABLE)'
class home(
path = "/"
def is_enabled(self):
return "lending_v2" in web.ctx.features
def GET(self):
stats = admin.get_stats()
except Exception:
logger.error("Error in getting stats", exc_info=True)
stats = None
blog_posts = get_blog_feeds()
page = render_template(
"home/index", stats=stats,
page.v2 = True
return page
class random_book(
path = "/random"
def GET(self):
olid = lending.get_random_available_ia_edition()
if olid:
raise web.seeother('/books/%s' % olid)
raise web.seeother("/")
def get_ia_carousel_books(query=None, subject=None, work_id=None, sorts=None,
_type=None, limit=None):
if 'env' not in web.ctx:
elif query in CAROUSELS_PRESETS:
query = CAROUSELS_PRESETS[query]
limit = limit or lending.DEFAULT_IA_RESULTS
books = lending.get_available(limit=limit, subject=subject, work_id=work_id,
_type=_type, sorts=sorts, query=query)
formatted_books = [format_book_data(book) for book in books if book != 'error']
return formatted_books
def get_featured_subjects():
# web.ctx must be initialized as it won't be available to the background thread.
if 'env' not in web.ctx:
'art', 'science_fiction', 'fantasy', 'biographies', 'recipes',
'romance', 'textbooks', 'children', 'history', 'medicine', 'religion',
'mystery_and_detective_stories', 'plays', 'music', 'science'
return dict([(subject_name, subjects.get_subject('/subjects/' + subject_name, sort='edition_count'))
for subject_name in FEATURED_SUBJECTS])
def get_cached_featured_subjects():
return cache.memcache_memoize(
get_featured_subjects, "home.featured_subjects", timeout=dateutil.HOUR_SECS)()
def generic_carousel(query=None, subject=None, work_id=None, _type=None,
sorts=None, limit=None, timeout=None):
memcache_key = 'home.ia_carousel_books'
cached_ia_carousel_books = cache.memcache_memoize(
get_ia_carousel_books, memcache_key, timeout=timeout or cache.DEFAULT_CACHE_LIFETIME)
books = cached_ia_carousel_books(
query=query, subject=subject, work_id=work_id, _type=_type,
sorts=sorts, limit=limit)
return storify(books)
def carousel_from_list(key, randomize=False, limit=60):
css_id = key.split("/")[-1] + "_carousel"
data = format_list_editions(key)
if randomize:
data = data[:limit]
return render_template(
"books/carousel", storify(data), id=css_id, pixel="CarouselList")
def loans_carousel(loans=None, cssid="loans_carousel", pixel="CarouselLoans"):
"""Generates 'Your Loans' carousel on home page"""
if not loans:
return ''
books = []
for loan in loans:
loan_book =['book'])
if loan_book:
return render_template(
'books/carousel', storify(books), id=cssid, pixel=pixel, loans=True
) if books else ''
def readonline_carousel():
"""Return template code for books pulled from search engine.
TODO: If problems, use stock list.
data = random_ebooks()
if len(data) > 60:
data = random.sample(data, 60)
return storify(data)
except Exception:
logger.error("Failed to compute data for readonline_carousel", exc_info=True)
return None
def random_ebooks(limit=2000):
solr = search.get_solr()
sort = "edition_count desc"
result =
query='has_fulltext:true -public_scan_b:false',
"author_key", "author_name",
return [format_work_data(doc) for doc in result.get('docs', []) if doc.get('ia')]
# cache the results of random_ebooks in memcache for 15 minutes
random_ebooks = cache.memcache_memoize(random_ebooks, "home.random_ebooks", timeout=15*60)
def format_list_editions(key):
"""Formats the editions of a list suitable for display in carousel.
if 'env' not in web.ctx:
seed_list =
if not seed_list:
return []
editions = {}
for seed in seed_list.seeds:
if not isinstance(seed, basestring):
if seed.type.key == "/type/edition":
editions[seed.key] = seed
e = pick_best_edition(seed)
except StopIteration:
editions[e.key] = e
return [format_book_data(e) for e in editions.values()]
# cache the results of format_list_editions in memcache for 5 minutes
format_list_editions = cache.memcache_memoize(format_list_editions, "home.format_list_editions", timeout=5*60)
def pick_best_edition(work):
return (e for e in work.editions if e.ocaid).next()
def format_work_data(work):
d = dict(work)
key = work.get('key', '')
# New solr stores the key as /works/OLxxxW
if not key.startswith("/works/"):
key = "/works/" + key
d['url'] = key
d['title'] = work.get('title', '')
if 'author_key' in work and 'author_name' in work:
d['authors'] = [{"key": key, "name": name} for key, name in
zip(work['author_key'], work['author_name'])]
if 'cover_edition_key' in work:
d['cover_url'] = h.get_coverstore_url() + "/b/olid/%s-M.jpg" % work['cover_edition_key']
d['read_url'] = "//" + work['ia'][0]
return d
def format_book_data(book):
d =
d.key = book.get('key')
d.url = book.url()
d.title = book.title or None
d.ocaid = book.get("ocaid")
def get_authors(doc):
return [, or None) for a in doc.get_authors()]
work = and[0]
d.authors = get_authors(work if work else book)
cover = work.get_cover() if work and work.get_cover() else book.get_cover()
if cover:
d.cover_url = cover.url("M")
elif d.ocaid:
d.cover_url = '' % d.ocaid
if d.ocaid:
collections = ia.get_meta_xml(d.ocaid).get("collection", [])
if 'lendinglibrary' in collections or 'inlibrary' in collections:
d.borrow_url = book.url("/borrow")
d.read_url = book.url("/borrow")
return d
def setup():