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"""Controller for home page.
import random
import web
import simplejson
import logging
from infogami.utils import delegate
from infogami.utils.view import render_template, public
from infogami.infobase.client import storify
from infogami import config
from import popular
from openlibrary import accounts
from openlibrary.core import admin, cache, ia, inlibrary, lending, \
helpers as h
from openlibrary.plugins.upstream import borrow
from openlibrary.plugins.upstream.utils import get_blog_feeds
from openlibrary.plugins.worksearch import search
from openlibrary.plugins.openlibrary import lists
logger = logging.getLogger("openlibrary.home")
class home(
path = "/"
def is_enabled(self):
return "lending_v2" in web.ctx.features
def GET(self):
if 'counts_db' in config.admin:
stats = admin.get_stats()
stats = None
except Exception:
logger.error("Error in getting stats", exc_info=True)
stats = None
blog_posts = get_blog_feeds()
lending_list = config.get("home", {}).get("lending_list")
returncart_list = config.get("home", {}).get("returncart_list")
user = accounts.get_current_user()
loans = borrow.get_loans(user) if user else None
return render_template(
"home/index", stats=stats,
user=user, loans=loans,
def popular_carousel(available_limit=30, waitlist_limit=18, loan_check_batch_size=100):
"""Renders a carousel of popular editions, which are available for
reading or borrowing, from user lists (borrowable or downloadable;
excludes daisy only).
available_limit (int) - Load the popular carousel with how
many items? (preferably divisible by 6; number of books shown
per page)
waitlist_limit (int)) - limit waitlist to how many books
loan_check_batch_size (int) - Bulk submits this many itemids at a time to see if they are available to
be borrowed (only considers waitinglist and bookreader
borrows, no acs4)
Selected Lists:
popular.popular is a mapping of OL ids to identifiers
for popular book editions coming from the following OL lists:
/people/mekBot/lists/OL104041L is a manually curated
collection of popular available books which was constructed by
looking at goodreads
( Best
Ever list. Because this list is more highly curated and has
more overall recognizable and popular books, we prioritize
drawing from this list (shuffled) first and then fallback to
other lists as this one is depleted (i.e. all books become
unavailable for checking out).
/people/openlibrary/lists/OL104411L comes from the "top 2000+
most requested print disabled eBooks in California" displayed
from the /lists page.
Popular List Construction:
The expensive part about automatically checking the list seeds above
for availability is there's no apparent easy way to get ocaids for a
collection of editions at once. Thus, needs be used
on each Edition (which is expensive) before a batch of editions can
be checked for availability. If we had the ocaids of list seeds upfront
and could query them in bulk, this would eliminate the problem.
As a work-around, we periodically create a flatfile cache of
the above list.seed keys mapped ahead of time to their ocaids
(i.e. `popular.popular`).
For steps on (re)generating `popular.popular`, see: popular.generate_popular_list()
Ideally, solr should be used as cache instead of hard-coded as `popular.popular`.
returns a tuple (available_books, waitlisted_books)
available_books = []
waitlisted_books = []
seeds = popular.popular
while seeds and len(available_books) < available_limit:
batch = seeds[:loan_check_batch_size]
seeds = seeds[loan_check_batch_size:]
responses = lending.is_borrowable([seed[0] for seed in batch])
for seed in batch:
ocaid, key = seed
if len(available_books) == available_limit:
book_data =
if book_data:
book = format_book_data(book_data)
if ocaid not in responses:
# If book is not accounted for, err on the side of inclusion
elif 'status' in responses[ocaid]:
if responses[ocaid]['status'] == 'available':
elif len(waitlisted_books) < waitlist_limit:
return storify(available_books), storify(waitlisted_books)
def carousel_from_list(key, randomize=False, limit=60):
css_id = key.split("/")[-1] + "_carousel"
data = format_list_editions(key)
if randomize:
data = data[:limit]
return render_template(
"books/carousel", storify(data), id=css_id, pixel="CarouselList")
def add_checkedout_status(books):
"""OBSOLETE -- will be deleted.
# This is not very efficient approach.
# Todo: Implement the following apprach later.
# * Store the borrow status of all books in the list in memcache
# * Use that info to add checked_out status
# * Invalidate that on any borrow/return
for book in books:
if book.get("borrow_url"):
doc ="ebooks" + book['key']) or {}
checked_out = doc.get("borrowed") == "true"
checked_out = False
book['checked_out'] = checked_out
def loans_carousel(loans=None, cssid="loans_carousel", pixel="CarouselLoans"):
"""Generates 'Your Loans' carousel on home page"""
if not loans:
return ''
books = []
for loan in loans:
loan_book =['book'])
if loan_book:
return render_template(
'books/carousel', storify(books), id=cssid, pixel=pixel
) if books else ''
def render_returncart(limit=60, randomize=True):
data = get_returncart(limit*5)
# Remove all inlibrary books if we not in a participating library
if not inlibrary.get_library():
data = [d for d in data if 'inlibrary_borrow_url' not in d]
if randomize:
data = data[:limit]
return render_template("books/carousel", storify(data), id="returncart_carousel", pixel="CarouselReturns")
def get_returncart(limit):
if 'env' not in web.ctx:
items ='ebook', name='borrowed', value='false', limit=limit)
identifiers = [doc['identifier'] for k, doc in items if 'identifier' in doc]
keys ={"type": "/type/edition", "ocaid": identifiers})
books =
return [format_book_data(book) for book in books if book.type.key == '/type/edition']
# cache the results of get_returncart in memcache for 60 sec
get_returncart = cache.memcache_memoize(get_returncart, "home.get_returncart", timeout=60)
def readonline_carousel(cssid='classics_carousel', pixel="CarouselClassics"):
"""Return template code for books pulled from search engine.
TODO: If problems, use stock list.
data = random_ebooks()
if len(data) > 120:
data = random.sample(data, 120)
return render_template(
"books/carousel", storify(data), id=cssid, pixel=pixel)
except Exception:
logger.error("Failed to compute data for readonline_carousel", exc_info=True)
return None
def random_ebooks(limit=2000):
solr = search.get_works_solr()
sort = "edition_count desc"
result =
query='has_fulltext:true -public_scan_b:false',
"author_key", "author_name",
def process_doc(doc):
d = {}
key = doc.get('key', '')
# New solr stores the key as /works/OLxxxW
if not key.startswith("/works/"):
key = "/works/" + key
d['url'] = key
d['title'] = doc.get('title', '')
if 'author_key' in doc and 'author_name' in doc:
d['authors'] = [{"key": key, "name": name} for key, name in zip(doc['author_key'], doc['author_name'])]
if 'cover_edition_key' in doc:
d['cover_url'] = h.get_coverstore_url() + "/b/olid/%s-M.jpg" % doc['cover_edition_key']
d['read_url'] = "//" + doc['ia'][0]
return d
return [process_doc(doc) for doc in result.get('docs', []) if doc.get('ia')]
# cache the results of random_ebooks in memcache for 15 minutes
random_ebooks = cache.memcache_memoize(random_ebooks, "home.random_ebooks", timeout=15*60)
def format_list_editions(key):
"""Formats the editions of a list suitable for display in carousel.
if 'env' not in web.ctx:
seed_list =
if not seed_list:
return []
editions = {}
for seed in seed_list.seeds:
if not isinstance(seed, basestring):
if seed.type.key == "/type/edition":
editions[seed.key] = seed
e = pick_best_edition(seed)
except StopIteration:
editions[e.key] = e
return [format_book_data(e) for e in editions.values()]
# cache the results of format_list_editions in memcache for 5 minutes
format_list_editions = cache.memcache_memoize(format_list_editions, "home.format_list_editions", timeout=5*60)
def pick_best_edition(work):
return (e for e in work.editions if e.ocaid).next()
def format_book_data(book):
d =
d.key = book.key
d.url = book.url()
d.title = book.title or None
def get_authors(doc):
return [, or None) for a in doc.get_authors()]
work = and[0]
if work:
d.authors = get_authors(work)
d.authors = get_authors(book)
cover = book.get_cover()
if cover:
d.cover_url = cover.url("M")
ia_id = book.get("ocaid")
if ia_id:
d.ocaid = ia_id
collections = ia.get_meta_xml(ia_id).get("collection", [])
if 'printdisabled' in collections or 'lendinglibrary' in collections:
d.daisy_url = book.url("/daisy")
if 'lendinglibrary' in collections:
d.borrow_url = book.url("/borrow")
elif 'inlibrary' in collections:
d.inlibrary_borrow_url = book.url("/borrow")
d.read_url = book.url("/borrow")
return d
def setup():