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Allow entering multiple languages for edition #138

bencomp opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The edit form for editions allows only one language to be entered, whereas the datamodel for editions ( allows multiple languages. Perhaps an extra input field for each language could solve the problem?
For example, I added a book that has all texts in both English and Dutch, but now I can only say the language is "Multiple languages".


Is there any chance that a book is written in more than two languages?


Of course there is a chance ;) There will not be many books in more than two languages, but against the odds I found one in my bookcase: - a collection of essays, most of them in English, some in German and one in French. I guess most other multi-language books will be extended brochures, perhaps travel guides.
Why would you want to limit the number of languages? (I envision an extensible form that lets you add one field at a time by clicking a + or something like that.)


I noticed today that when a book has more than one language (e.g. an English and Spanish bilingual book) and I use the Edit form to update something other than the language(s), on submission only the first language is kept. The other language(s) dissappear(s).

I filed a support request to re-add Spanish after this edit: ... but I would be nicer if that wouldn't be necessary :)


It is supported now.

@anandology anandology closed this

That is great, thanks!

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