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Open Library and its 1.5M 2M readers are so grateful you're here!

What is Open Library?

Open Library ( is a non-profit, open source, digital public library, hosted by the Internet Archive, which lends over 1 2 million ebooks each year to its 2M patrons. Open Library is made possible by volunteers, like you, from over 8 different countries (US, NL, NZ, IN, UK, DE, GR, CA). We believe everyone should have a say in their library. That a library should be not only for, but of the people. Together, let's build the World's library.

How we Communicate

  1. Github Issues - We try to respond to issues within 24h!
  2. Gitter - Public, anyone can join and ask questions!
  3. Weekly Community Call - Everyone is welcome to join our Weekly Community call @ 11:30am PT.
  4. Slack - For active contributors, we have an by-invite slack channel
  5. Friday Lunch - Internet Archive hosts a by-invite lunch each Friday @ 300 Funston, SF in the Inner Richmond. please contact
  6. Office Hours - Mek hosts office hours on Sunday between 11am - 10pm (PT) for anyone who has questions about contributing. please contact

Meet the Team!

Team Leads Table

Have a question and not sure who to ask? (Current as of 2019-04)

Responsibility Lead Github Label
Product Lead & Policy @mekarpeles priority, roadmap, epic
Metadata Catalog @hornc metadata, data-cleaup
Site Reliability & Deployment @mekarpeles / @hornc blocker
Lead Community Librarian @seabelis editing
Openlibrary-client @rahul-kumi openlibrary-client
ONIX Bot @nimbus98
Front-End & Mobile @jdlrobson
Front-End Component Library @koderjoker
Search (solr) @cdrini / @tfmorris search, solr
Python 3 @cclauss Python 3
Book Sponsorship Program @tabshaikh book-sponsorship
Github Processes @brad2014 Needs-Assessment
Docker + Dev Build System @cdrini Provisioning, docker, dev-instance

Design & Product Team

If you're joining the design and product team, you probably have a bunch of the following questions:

Reference Materials:

Design Assets:

Quality Team

This team is for people who are passionate about improving the quality of Open Library's data. Engineering and admin / moderator roles are both welcome. Members of this group will receive either an Open Library Admin account or a privileged Bot account.

What are the actions I can perform as an administrator / mod?

Are there tools You might also consider trying the openlibrary-client python tool which provides

Engineering & Ops Team

Looking to get involved and contribute to the code which runs Open Library?

First, get setup with the Open Library Development Environment

Next, browse through our list of easy open tickets to get started!

Are services running smoothly?

Research Team

Are you a researcher or developer looking to use Open Library data or APIs in your research experiment? Open Library's APIs and Data Dumps is a great place to start!

You might also consider trying the openlibrary-client python tool which provides convenient methods for downloading book, author, list, and subject data.

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