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Wayback Machine Google Chrome Extension

In cooperation with Google Summer of Code, The Internet Archive presents The Official WayBack Machine Extension. With the power of the WayBack Machine, we let you go in time to see how a URL has changed and evolved through the history of the Web!


  • Save Page Now: Instantly save the page you are currently viewing in The WayBack Machine.
  • Recent Version & First Version: Present the most recent, and the first version of a page, in the WayBack Machine.
  • Alexa & Whois: Get analytical information about the page you are currently viewing, along with interesting facts, such as who owns it and how popular it is.
  • Tweets: Search Twitter for information regarding your current page.
  • Sitemap: Present a sunburst diagram for the domain you are currently viewing.
  • Books: Check if referenced books are available to read in the Internet Archive.
  • Papers: Check if referenced papers are available to read in the Internet Archive.
  • TV news: Present archived TV news clips relevant to the current page.

Installing and Using Wayback Machine Chrome Extension

  • Click this link.
  • Click on "Add to Chrome" button.
  • It's done.


This is a "WebExtension". See


To setup the testing environment, run npm install to install required packages. This should create directory node_modules and populate it with modules.

To run tests, execute npm test.

When writing a test for example.js, create a new file in the test directory named example.spec.js.

This has been tested using node v10.11.0 and npm 6.4.1.

Places to update the version

  • manifest.json - update version


Copyright Internet Archive, 2017 AGPL-3


  • Richard Caceres, @rchrd2
  • Mark Graham, @markjohngraham
  • Benjamin Mandel, @BenjaminMandel
  • Kumar Yogesh, @kumarjyogesh
  • Abhishek Das, @abhidas
  • Vangelis Banos, @vbanos
  • Rodden Kerry, @kerryrodden
  • Anish Kumar Sarangi, @anishsarangi
  • Max Reinisch, @MaxReinisch
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