Take snapshots of all running EC2 volumes in an account
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This script will create a snapshot for every volume in an EC2 account that meets the criteria:

  1. Is "in-use" (attached) AND
  2. Is attached to a running instance AND
  3. Is a system volume (/dev/sda1) OR has a tag named "SNAPSHOT"

This is because generally extra attached volumes are things we may not want to snapshot, like a database. However, some things are, so to avoid snapshotting very large database or other volumes, we default to skipping them but allow them to be flagged on.

This script intentionally runs serially and waits for each snapshot to complete. This is to avoid any potential performance impact affecting more than one instance at a time.


Create a ~/.aws/sdk/config.inc.php file per the PHP SDK specs

This script will use the default credentials.

Install SDK

sudo pear channel-discover pear.amazonwebservices.com sudo pear install aws/sdk-1.6.2

User needs:


This is pretty raw and ugly. Help clean it up! :)