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Why should I use Internet Video Game Library?

Our intention with Internet Video Game Library is to build a website that is centered around the backlog of games you have and to help you to tackle that backlog. Since Steam, GOG and other online services started to show up, more games started to pile up in my backlog coming from Sales, Bundles and all kinds of stuff. It's hard to decide which game of your list should play next and my intention with IVGLib is to build a system which would help to keep track of the games you have while recommending which game you should play next.

And why should I put effort into helping Video Game Library?

We want to be like TheGamesDB, Trakt.tv and other similar sites and very soon develop an open API to allow anyone to access our database of games for any purpose. We wish to be a complete database so that you are able to track all of your games and not just the trendy ones. We will not hide the games info behind a paywall or any nasty stuff like that.

Another lousy bootstrap games database, is that right?

So, we are a one-man-team at the moment and I'm very bad at layouts. My idea is that when we have a more stabilized set of features, we will try and get our own layout. But until then, just bootstrap for us. Sorry. We are not just that, though. We are aiming really high!

What's on IVGLib's roadmap?

You can see which features we are working at (and ask for other features) by going to Internet Video Game Library Support. We try to keep that updated as we go along. Some of our next ideas are there as well.

What's the thing with the lists?

We created five lists to be a starting point:

  • Wishlist: This is an easy one. Is for when you want to play a game but you do not own it yet.
  • Backlog: This is the one you have to focus on, it's a list where you put the games you already own but haven't played yet.
  • Playing: This is for keeping track of what you're currently playing.
  • Played: This is for games that you have played, but haven't finished. Either because they're endless (like a MMO) or because you stopped playing it for some reason (boring, maybe?).
  • Finished: This is for games you finished. For us, it's just about getting to the end, not getting 100% on everything, but you can use this as you like.

These first five lists are mutually exclusive, that is, a game can only be in one of them at a given time, and if choose another list, you just move the game to that other list.

And with the custom lists you could do other stuff, for instance, having a list where you keep all the games where you got all the achivements or collectables (like every missile and stuff in Super Metroid), or a list where you keep games you have already did speed runs. Custom lists are not mutually exclusive.

What about ownership? I want to keep info about which games I own!

Well, for now, we don't have that. You will be able to create a custom list for that, if you want. We plan to have a way to inform that in the future, though.