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tinyctf-platform is yet another open-source (jeopardy style) CTF platform. It is relatively easy to set up and modify. Hopefully it will become even better over time, with other people contributing.

alt text


To deploy tinyctf-platform on an EC2 instance, execute the following commands:

Become root, upgrade

sudo su
yum upgrade -y

Install some prerequisites

yum install -y git
yum install -y gcc-c++
yum install -y python-devel

Install Flask and dataset

easy_install Flask
easy_install dataset

Clone the repo

git clone
cd tinyctf-platform/

Import the tasks


Start the server


Note: Flask should run on top of a proper web server if you plan to have many players.


  • CSRF is currently not addressed
  • The platform does not support tasks with the same score and category right now
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