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"english": {
"frame": {
"title": "Internetwache CTF 2016",
"toggle": "Toggle navigation",
"login": "Sign in",
"register": "Register",
"logged_in": "Logged in as",
"logout": "log out"
"main": {
"title": "Internetwache CTF 2016",
"text": "Welcome to the first jeopardy CTF hosted by Internetwache"
"about": {
"title": "About",
"news": "News",
"news_text": "News go here",
"rules": "Rules",
"rules_text": "<ul><li>first</li></ul> go here"
"tasks": {
"title": "Tasks"
"task": {
"description": "Description",
"attachment": "Attachment",
"submit": "Submit",
"success": "Correct flag!",
"failure": "Incorrect flag",
"solution_format": "solved by %d",
"no_description": "(none)",
"placeholder": "IW{insert_flag_here}",
"service": "Service"
"scoreboard": {
"title": "Scoreboard",
"player": "Team",
"score": "Score"
"error": {
"title": "Error",
"unknown": "Unknown error",
"login_required": "You need to be logged in to see this page",
"invalid_credentials": "Invalid username or password",
"already_registered": "This user is already registered",
"empty_user": "Empty username is not allowed",
"task_not_found": "TBD",
"only_during_ctf": "This action is only possible during the CTF",
"ctf_over": "CTF is over. Sorry!"
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