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#!/usr/bin/env python
""" -- imports tasks from 'tasks.json' into the database"""
import dataset
import json
import sys
if __name__ == '__main__':
purge = False
# Handle the optional purge argument
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
if sys.argv[1] == 'purge':
purge = True
print "[*] Purge mode is on, old tasks deleted"
# Load the json structure
tasks_str = open('tasks.json', 'rb').read()
tasks_json = json.loads(tasks_str)
# Connect to database
db = dataset.connect('sqlite:///ctf.db')
cat_table = db['categories']
tasks_table = db['tasks']
cat_task_table = db['cat_task']
if purge:
# Parse the json file and add rows to the table
old_cat_count = len(list(cat_table))
old_task_count = len(list(tasks_table))
# First, create categories
for category in tasks_json['categories']:
cat = category.copy()
del cat['tasks']
if cat_table.find_one(id=cat['id']):
# Update existing category
cat_table.update(cat, ['id'])
new_cat_count = len(list(cat_table))
print "[*] Imported %d new categories" % (new_cat_count - old_cat_count)
# Then create tasks
for category in tasks_json['categories']:
for task in category['tasks']:
if tasks_table.find_one(id=task['id']):
# Update existing table
tasks_table.update(task, ['id'])
# In this case, we should add an entry to the category_task table as well
row = dict(cat_id=category['id'], task_id=task['id'])
new_task_count = len(list(tasks_table))
print "[*] Imported %d new tasks" % (new_task_count - old_task_count)
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