Basic HTML project scaffolding with NPM and Webpack
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Basic HTML Project Scaffolding

Basic HTML project scaffolding with Composer, NPM, Webpack, & Bootstrap.


This project helps speed up the process of setting up a simple HTML project. It creates a maintainable directory structure in addition to configuring Composer, NPM, Webpack, and Bootstrap - and that's basically it. The project is intentionally bare so you can fit it to your needs. By default it uses SCSS but you can easily replace it with anything.

Project Tree

├── dist
|   ├── assets
|   |   ├── css
|   |   └── js
|   └── index.html
├── src
|   ├── js
|   |   ├── application.js
|   |   └── scripts.js
|   └── scss
|       ├── application.scss
|       ├── theme.scss
|       └── variables.scss
├── package.json
└── webpack.mix.js

Getting Started

Prerequirements: You must have Composer and Node.js installed on your system. It's pretty easy to install them, just follow the instructions on their websites.

  1. Add NPM packages to package.json and run npm install to download and install them.
  2. Run npm run dev, npm run production, or npm run watch to compile your assets.