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Basic Laravel Project Scaffolding

Basic Laravel 5.1 project scaffolding with Gulp, Bower, LESS, & Bootstrap.


This project helps speed up the process of setting up a simple Laravel 5.1 project. It configures Bower, Gulp, and Bootstrap automatically in a maintainable way. It strives to keep vendor files seperate from project files and uses programming best practices where possible.

Project Tree

There are a few minor alterations from a standard Laravel installation. Most importantly, we keep our Bower components outside of our project and in /vendor/bower_components. They will be imported and overriden with the help of LESS and Gulp, ensuring that we won't have to make any drastic code changes if we want to update a component.

├── resources
|   └── assets
|   	├── js
|   	|   └── application.js
|   	└── less
|       	├── application.less
|			├── bootstrap.less
|       	└── variables.less
├── public
|   └── assets
|       ├── css
|		├── fonts
|		├── images
|       └── js
└── vendor
    └── bower_components

Getting Started

Prerequirements: You must have Composer and Node.js installed on your system. You should also install Bower and Gulp globally (npm install -g bower gulp).

  1. Run composer update to download and install composer packages
  2. Rename .env.example to .env (mv .env.example .env) and then run php artisan key:generate
  3. Install node packages with npm install. This will automatically run bower install and gulp once it has finished.
  4. Run gulp watch and start developing


Basic Laravel 5.1 project scaffolding with Gulp, Bower, LESS, & Bootstrap.



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