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nginx Docker Image for Intershop Progressive Web App

Please refer to the documentation for configuration options.


  1. Edit the file nginx/multi-channel.yaml:

      channel: inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site
      lang: en_US
      channel: inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site
      lang: de_DE
      channel: inSPIRED-inTRONICS_Business-Site
      features: quoting,businessCustomerRegistration,advancedVariationHandling
      theme: 'blue|688dc3'
      channel: inSPIRED-inTRONICS-Site
      lang: fr_FR
      application: smb-responsive
      features: quoting
      theme: 'blue|688dc3'
  2. Run the following from the project root:

    docker build -t my_awesome_nginx nginx
    docker run -d --name "my-awesome-nginx" \
            --restart always \
            -p 4199:80 \
            -e UPSTREAM_PWA= \
            -e CACHE=off \
            -e PAGESPEED=off \
  3. Access the PWA with http://<your-fully-qualified-machine-name>:4199

If your DNS is not set up correctly, you have to use something like dnsmasq (Linux) or Acrylic DNS Proxy (Windows), or just ask your local network administrator.

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