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@shauke shauke released this 05 May 13:28
· 850 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • full support for categoryRef CMS configuration parameters and additional categoryref routing (#672) (1d7ea7f)
  • support CMS static content pages navigation (#651) (e038d4d)
  • SSO with invite support for B2B (#670) (5b819db)
  • add feature toggle for guest checkout (#654) (e5138e4)
  • Punchout User Management for cXML and OCI users (#544) (553c1a3)
  • modal on SSO registration navigation and refactorings (#647) (f5452bf)

Bug Fixes

  • reset children when switching sku in context (#680) (a8cb95a)
  • reset order creation errors after the user navigated to another checkout page (057a3f2)
  • in case of multiple buckets display message on checkout review page (eca7625)
  • repair data refresh on product pages (#675) (8eaac04)
  • auth0 silentRefresh requires offline_acces scope (#644) (c6850a7)
  • add missing text for navigation toggle (#666) (03a3770)
  • compodoc generation with own tsconfig.doc.json (#664) (46901e0)
  • cms carousel component should handle not completely filled slides (#663) (baff0c4)
  • display a product unavailable image on product detail page if there are no product images (#653) (0d1be10)
  • basket acceleration in case the cost center is required but missing (#652) (6f0200d)
  • multi site not working language switch (#649) (3c01d7d)


  • Registration page SSO configuration now via '/sso' sub route.