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@suschneider suschneider released this 02 Jun 10:58
· 830 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • enable loading translations from ICM (#695) (7f8ae68)
  • display only available products in product links carousels and lists (#626) (386a584)
  • omit default redirect in multi channel when one base href is root route (#704) (76c9074)
  • use locales from ICM configuration (#685) (204fd36)

Bug Fixes

  • breadcrumb styling harmonization (#713) (abb2c4e)
  • set punchout cookies with "SameSite=None; Secure" to work in https iframes (#683) (f5900eb)
  • timing issue when fetching CMS content include data after logout (#711) (712c91b)
  • adapt static content navigation styling to meet new IAD/VD requirements (#682) (2fd56b1)
  • use region code instead of id for US new-address-form (#708) (06f466c)
  • add missing loading spinner when creating an account (registration) (#705) (8a77c4d)
  • undesired logout after contact us submission (#686) (a76d4a6)
  • track item changes as local state in checkout facade (#702) (8600213)
  • mini cart opens if the user navigates from checkout to other pages (#688) (5a0ed25)