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@shauke shauke released this 04 Aug 21:11
· 884 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • add readiness and liveness probe for pm2 (#818) (8a21fb1)
  • multi-PWA container build with runtime theme switching (#775) (b4c6060)
  • payone creditcard payment (#717) (1b6190e)
  • provide deploy-url as runtime property (#630) (03911e1)
  • rework Quickorder page (#752) (b06ac13)
  • add Quickorder Link for mobile view (#794) (b06ac13)
  • add translate-placeholder extension and use it (#801) (a413c3e)
  • add formly phone number input with basic validator (#778, #424) (3a20d3c)
  • add direct order on cart when feature quickorder is enabled (#745) (a1e2aff)
  • disable ngrx Store Devtools in production environments (#773) (22ef75e)
  • container provide better error message when given ICM uses a not valid ssl certificate (#779) (d2793a6)
  • adapt language switch with configurable multisite support (#722) (4949be1)
  • add basic formly radio button functionality (031fc53)
  • forward mouse event to callback handler in server-html directive (#750) (478c096)
  • basic auth support for nginx (#677) (7c3e193)
  • replace i18nPlural pipe usage with translate compiler (#719) (0df6e8d)
  • enable the B2B user to enter an order reference id during checkout (#714) (2cf15f2)
  • individual page sizes for product listings (category, search, master) (#709) (e6d41ca)
  • enable data retention for ngrx store slices (recently, compare, tacton) (#720) (3f0069e)
  • unification of "Product List (Manual)" with the other CMS Product Lists (#673) (6edf125)
  • add support for CMS component "Product List (Category)" (#673) (d3f0489)
  • add support for CMS component "Product List (Filter)" (#673) (fbc5e3e)
  • introduce shared ProductsList component with list and carousel view (#673) (8df9599)
  • introduce content parameter state management - initial with filtered product lists (#673) (6aa7fb4)
  • improve detecting missing translations (#659) (32c57bd)
  • load translations with webpack (#655) (267395c)

Bug Fixes

  • address countryCode and mainDivision behaviour (#819) (5f2e70c)
  • remove type=text from registration password fields (#820) (8907f36)
  • translate-select-options without expressionProperty (#813) (5b4c817)
  • ensure only one REST call is executed to get eligible shipping/payment methods on checkout pages (f19434d)
  • fetch endlessly addresses on checkout address page all the time (8e2f66f)
  • incorrect hover styles for nav links in hamburger menu (#805) (dafafe1)
  • checkout shipping selection error and test (#798) (50d9413)
  • display an error message in case the customer creation failed (21e19e0)
  • set canonical link and 'og:url' info independent from SSR container context to 'https' (#777) (e3f0749)
  • exclude table styles from removing by purgeCSS (5983945)
  • styling issue concerning mobile language switch (#769) (7b7e835)
  • formly styling issues (c548ca4)
  • adapt post wrappers extension and fix occurences (e061d25)
  • repair 'npm run start:local' (#758, #760) (1a07855)
  • incorrect product label display on product detail page (#762, #763) (757c1eb)
  • add support for CMS component "Product List (Filter)" - use correct scope configuration (#755) (1fa5e02)
  • adapt project SCSS definitions in regards to sass '/' deprecation warnings (#751) (9ba3618)
  • don't display payment costs on checkout payment page if the value is zero (#744) (c94c3fb)
  • don't display multiple buckets message after redirect before checkout (#735) (ad029d5)
  • display edit line item link only for variation products (#741) (03c9988)
  • quick order - enable the add-to-cart button after a valid csv file has been selected (#736) (72aaf83)
  • trigger change detection in the authorization toggle directive after permission changes (74810ed)
  • add permission check to edit the company profile (2096b26)
  • double-check missing translation before reporting (#728) (f1eb525)


  • update changed/moved links in documentation (d17d133)
  • extend environment.ts configuration documentation (4ca29d6)
  • add single theme configuration description for multi theme support (302be6d)
  • add code documentation for formly things (#806) (614b9d1)
  • documentation for deploy url (#646) (8418166)



  • Webpack 5 upgrade - custom webpack configuration has to be updated if customized.
  • Build process in docker image was enhanced to enable multiple configurations at runtime.
  • The environment.ts handling and with that the handling of environment.local.ts was changed. See Migrations / 0.30 to 1.0 for more details.
  • Locale definitions in environment.ts models are no longer supported, only ICM channel configurations are now used for switching locales.