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@shauke shauke released this 08 Mar 08:55
· 666 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • fetch product price information with new productprice REST API (#1018) (26ebdf2)
  • fetch and display personalized category and product data (#1021) (fd08931)
  • remove quote items from cart (#1029) (84c449e)
  • use demo content artifact in header navigation (#1038) (e065b3f)
  • support payone iDeal payment method (#974) (06a25c4)
  • move localization keep patterns where they are needed (#960) (9b6a996)
  • context with propagateActive as input (#1007) (a4c1c16)
  • recalculate basket after currency change (#1005) (04b44bc)

Bug Fixes

  • repair service worker (#1045) (2a7a47d)
  • prevent out of stock products from being added to basket on order templates (#1031) (5f85f9d)
  • prevent console error messages on checkout shipping page (#1040) (7af76a6)
  • render content of product detail description tab as html (#1037) (147b07c)
  • checkout payment parameter form validation (#1035) (4dbccaf)
  • update propagation of parent context if child context is removed (#1022) (61cb60a)
  • product search is cached in PWA and does not trigger a new REST call (#983, #1024) (db38c8a)
  • trim payment parameter form values (#1013) (507966f)
  • include 'all' theme in allowed overrides (#1014) (302285f)
  • payment & order redirect respects baseHref (#1010) (d29c1ec)

Performance Improvements

Code Refactoring


  • Product prices are now fetched by separate productprices REST calls instead of using the information fetched with the products REST call.
  • Handling personalized REST calls for category and product data required some possibly breaking changes (see Migrations / 2.0 to 2.1 for more details).
  • The recently viewed products functionality was moved into an extension (see Migrations / 2.0 to 2.1 for more details).